po Polsku


Polpics is a project providing pictures of today's Poland.

POLPICS is a newly introduced service where you, after registering, can purchase and instantly download images for print- or web publication. This fast growing site is hosted by enthusiastic photographers whose aim is to tell the story about today's Poland through high quality pictures.

Our aims:

- Make high quality photographs of a useful range of illustrative or decorative subjects.

- Offer recent pictures, all made 2003 - 2008.

- Charge a bit less.

- Make the site user friendly and hassle free.

- Widen the knowledge of Poland internationally.


Polpics is an independent initiative that aims at presenting a versatile image of Poland, a country that's been subjected to big changes throughout history. The older generation was born in a beautiful unspoiled country proud of it's history, culture, art and knowledge. There was a diversified and dynamic composition of religions, ethnicities and political views. By attacking Poland and thereby starting WW2, the Nazis totally slaughtered the respectful values of this nation, only to be followed by the "rescueing" Soviets that completed the rape, punishing the Polish people with imposed communism.

After only 20 years of democracy and still in the wake of a communistic system, it's time to grow into the role as EU member. The "now" in Poland is a time of dynamic changes, more anticipation than worries, because after 45 years of communism, the Polish soul has recieved the capability to deal with, and even make use of, absuridities. Hopefully the Polish people will finally be reunited and fully reaccepted by it's former neighbours and trading partners.

So please, when publishing these pictures, use the opportunity to widen the image of this nation that is so full of contrasts and unexpectedness.

Georg van der Weyden
Photographer and Initiator of Polpics

see previous work at www.weyden.net